Memory, Storage & Data Representation

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Topic 2.1

Primary Storage (RAM & ROM)

Topic 2.2

Secondary Storage

Study the different types and functions of storage devices used in computing systems, understanding their role in data storage and retrieval. Explore the principles behind storage devices' capacities,
Topic 2.3

Binary & Hexadecimal

A learning unit that covers understanding and converting between binary and hexadecimal numbers, essential for digital systems and programming.
Topic 2.4

Data Representation

Understanding how data is stored and interpreted in different formats, such as binary and hexadecimal, to facilitate efficient data processing and communication.
Topic 2.5


Learn how to secure data through encryption techniques, protecting information from unauthorized access and ensuring privacy in digital communications.
Symmetric & Asymmetric Encryption 🚧 Coming Soon
Topic 2.6

Data Integrity

Understanding and ensuring the accuracy and reliability of data through techniques like error detection and correction.
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